Thursday, November 1, 2007


Our doorbell saw action last night! Believe it or not within 2 hours that is from 7pm till 9pm, almost 90 kids came to our front door. Yes, I counted! Serve us right for keeping the porch light on. I didn't have the heart(tak sampai hati) nak turn them away. Most of them have their parents waiting in the dark as chaperones. That really comforted me as people here, including us don't open doors to strangers. But last night was an exception. These children are very polite...they only took one candy each from my bowl.. until I say...go on, u can take some more!
Anyway, candies are very cheap during this time of year. I rasa macam raya...instead of duit raya, we gave away candies! To some I even say Eid Mubarak back to them ....... Halloween? me its just fancy dress...

The 'Bumble Bee' below is so cute! These 2 guys took the opportunity to collect donations for UNICEF!...Scaryyyy!!!

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