Thursday, November 30, 2006

Farewell to TM

At last my Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) has been approved - that's when the company you work with pays you for leaving your job. Great, eh? Well, it beats resigning with no compensation at all! Had to keep my actual reason a secret, except to Ummi who had been a gem of a friend. I knew the rest wouldn't understand...stop working? sayang gaji dah banyak... Well, if anything happens to hubby, siapa nak susah?...muka ni jugak kaan. Somehow I just want them to be happy for least TM is happy, I am out of her way. A fresh graduate who will be paid a fifth of my salary can be hired :-). But how come I am not jumping for joy now that I am a fulltime homemaker. That is what I was hoping for & wished for when I was bogged down with work, when I was being reprimanded by bosses, when I had to work late, when encountered with traffic jams! I guess I still need the sense of security that a job offers... I remembered my mom saying..." ..tak apa dia ada ijazah, ada Masters" refering to my BSc & MSc... She is forever the positive one. Although my education have made me a better person, I don't know whether I can still use those 'papers' later on. I think I better cross the bridge when I get there, or else I will have more lines on my forehead & more silver in my hair..... My farewell note..
To all my superiors (bosses), colleagues, friends & acquaintances (kenalan2);
I have received my VSS approval letter yesterday & as of 1st Dec 2006 I will be one of those who have VSS-ed from TM. Funny...but I have always thought I would live, breathe & retire in TM :-). But life has many winding turns & I believe Allah knows what's best for us. My heartiest thank you & sincere gratitude to all superiors & bosses. I owe you for all your guidance & support throughout my career in TM. To my colleagues & project team mates, I won't forget your coorperation & commitment that you have given. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!. To my friends, haaa...what can I say!? You all are the BEST! . To all acquaintances, great knowing you all!. Lastly, I apologise for any words that have hurt your feelings & for any of my wrongdoings. Mohon halal makan minum. Insya Allah jumpa lagi...