Wednesday, September 6, 2006

The KTM Komuter

My daughter surprised me the other day, with her enthusiasm when doing her school assignment on Malaysian transportation. Armed with a camera & sweet smiles, she and 2 girlfriends headed to the nearest Komuter Station. Mission - to get as many pictures and comments as possible on the service provided by the electric train - the first of its kind in Malaysia!!.
She was all chattery coming back that afternoon, describing how she and her friends conducted interviews on several willing (and some unwilling!!) passengers.....although a small feat, I was proud of their achievement. And, somehow glad they reached home safe and sound! (pic: Shah Alam Komuter Station.)
Here's something I picked out from the Malaysian National Library website:
The KTM Komuter was introduced by Keretapi Tanah Melayu- the Malaysian Railway, back in 1995. It is a fast and efficient public transport for commuters working in Kuala Lumpur, as they can travel to the city without the hassle of traffic congestion
( yeah..very true! ....except during peak hours when the Komuter itself gets congested. Heyyy.. add more coaches laa!).
KTM Komuter tickets can be purchased at the counters or by using the self-service Ticket Vending Machines, which are available at all stations and halts. Single, Return and Weekly tickets for adults and children are available at the Vending Machines. The fare structure is also displayed at all stations. All tickets are in single payment, including trips that require a transfer at an interchange station. Currently, there are 2 routes only, which are Sentul to Port Klang and Seremban to Rawang, totaling 22 stations and 17 stops.
If you happen to be at the Ticket Vending Machine and require tickets, do follow these 'buttons' instructions:
A - Select your destination. Be certain of your destination station. Route maps are located at all stations.
B - Select "Adult or child". Select type of tickets - Single, Return or Weekly.
C - If you require additional tickets, select "Add-On". Repeat steps 1 and 2. To cancel transaction, press button "B".
D - Take note of payment required.
E - Insert coins into slot; 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents or RM1 coins are accepted. Notes RM1, RM2, RM5, and RM10 are also accepted.
F - Take your ticket. Please check that the right destination is printed on your ticket. Collect change, if any.

Follow signages to the ticket validation point and validate your ticket at turnstiles or give your ticket to the ticket checker. Once your ticket is validated, take it back and follow the directionals to the correct platform. For safety, please stand behind the yellow line and follow the queue.
(Malaysians are getting better & better these days..despite all our other moral lackings ( or are there? ) ..we queue!!. To get to the other platform, please use the overhead bridge. (make sure you are not late as the overhead bridge stairs can be quite a chore on the knees!)
When the train arrives, please allow alighting commuters to get off first
.(sometimes I do see traffic attendant guiding/controlling the passengers..but most of the time..where are they!!? hmmm..please someone, we do need them especially during peak hours).
When boarding the train, be cautious of the gap between the door and the platform. A bell chime will sound before the doors close. (the few times me boarding the train, I don't recall hearing any bells.!.or is it due to me focusing too hard on scrambling for the seat! OK daughter says..ADA!! (there is!)..) Do not enter when you hear this chime. When making a transfer, use the route diagram to check for the right interchange station. Important:-
1.Observe the Do's and Don't's signs
2.Do not lean against the doors

3.Have your ticket with you at all times
4.Listen for your destination station to be announced

Passenger must have a valid ticket before boarding the train.
A minimum penalty of RM 10.00 including a journey fare from sector originating station will be imposed to the passenger without valid ticket.
To reduce traffic congestion on Malaysian highways as their main objective, KTM also puts speed, accuracy, comfort, environmental cleanliness, safety as well as reasonable fare into their services. We hope KTM Komuter can live up to their mission and vision, and expanding to more routes in the near future.....insya 'Allah..... with God's will!.

For a faster, easier and more relaxing way of travelling to or from the city, KTM Komuter is your best choice of transportation! o yes, as a can't eat, drink or smoke in the advice - just enjoy the view loh......Malaysian greenery!! :-)