Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dept of Motor Vehicle (DMV), CA

I already passed the written test for driving license...yea...yea.. So the next step is to pass the driving test pulak. Remember I mentioned somewhere in my previous posting, Massachusetts doesn't allow A2 visa holders to apply for a driver's license? Well, California ni lain .... different states have different rulings. Macam another country altogether! I could choose to apply for a California ID or a driver's license and I chose the latter. In case of any emergencies a driver's license will come in handy... obviously! California ID costs $22 and the application fee for the driver's license is $27. The fee is good for 12months and allows us to take the appropriate law tests 3 times, if needed, during that period. Alhamdulillah, I passed on the first try. Actually, it wasn't very easy as some people claim - the questions are quite tricky - and the ' english ' memang berbelit2. But, if English is not your choice, then you can opt for Bahasa Indonesia! Doing the practice tests on line at will also help a great deal. The people here can start to drive as early as 15 and a half years old...of course, dengan memenuhi beberapa syarat2 tertentu. Atiqah says several of her High School friends have started driving to school. Well, I think it's ridiculously too young to drive at that age! They say it's easy to drive here because the roads are wide, no motorbikes to avoid, bicycles have their own lanes and strangely enough everybody follow the rules! I don't know when I can really start to drive here..... I can't afford a car at the moment, and I just need to use the license for ID purposes actually. Right now, I am glad I have adik2 and fellow homemakers Nani, Jina and Faridah who are ever so willing to pick me up - di jemput - whenever we have our meeting & eating ya 'all... :)

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