Monday, November 5, 2007

Gilroy Premium Outlets (GPO)

Just like Wrentham Factory Outlets in Massachusetts, Gilroy Premium Outlets located south of San Jose off Hwy 101 is also a bargain hunter's haven. It is more than just a great collection of the finest designer labels and brands, GPO is California's largest outlet center. Last Saturday,... and Sunday... we decided to 'scout' the area and take a peek in a few of the outlets there. I love to browse through and window shop but I am not really a 'shopping freak' ( I think...he..he.. ) and I buy things whenever necessary only. I believe you'ld need a lot of determination to do so... I would figure out in my mind... nak pakai ke nak simpan jer - like the many handbags & shoes that I already have waiting their turn -, or thinking where would I put it ( rumah tak besar & storage area pun tak banyak ). But sometimes the special price during 'sales' and 'closing downs' can drive anybody insane! These few weeks with Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, have been CRraazy!. All the department stores and shops are really competing with each other to win customers. Friends of mine here are no help either. They would entice me further, saying " Beli Kak Ainal, beli... jangan tak beli! Biar menyesal beli, jangan menyesal tak beli! " When one is no longer on the payroll and not receiving monthly paychecks, - only one 'pocket' as I normally say - STRroong 'will power' is really needed.. he..he..
Shopping 2
Shafinaz claimed she has 'repented' from buying anymore stuff. Dah tak nak shopping, she said. But, the way I looked at it...this petite lady, manager of a semiconductor company here hasn't lost her ways in the purchasing department. And, although almost 8 years living in the US, I am glad she & hubby Aziz still practice our ways of helping out - tolong menolong. My marble top console table ( just a small one, actually ) would not have reached Cupertino without their help. That day, I succumbed to Bombay's 'Closing Down' sale! I hear Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is going to be even crazier. Shops will be open very2 early and people would camp out as early as 3am just to be the early birds.. So, what say you Shafinaz!? Wanna catch some more 'worms'?... he..he..
Well, to my friends ( especially Rusminah & family ) who are planning to come over to this area of the country... do include this shopping stop as part of your itenary.... you won't regret it! I will then utter our popular saying here....... " Beli...jangan tak beli...Biar menyesal beli, jangan menyesal tak beli! " he..he..
It takes about 30 minutes drive to Gilroy from San Jose.


Anonymous said...

I am now the 'repented' version, so you can imagine what it was like prior? The version you're seeing is the new and modified Shafinaz ... hmmm. Need a full tutorial on day after Thanksgiving strategy, we can do it over dinner, insyaAllah. Crash course version via phone is also free of charge.

BTW - how about a Wii? Remember, what count is the DEPTH of the pocket ... not the number one has...having said that, the mantra stands "biar nyesal beli jangan nyesal tak beli"....ini Nani punya mantra!

Shafinaz ...

zidnee 'ilman said...

Dilema betul! Don't know which store to head first...ha3x