Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hari Raya & Deepavali Reception

On Saturday Nov 10th, the Malaysian Professional & Business Association (MPBA) organised a reception for Hari Raya & Deepavali. It was still in the month of Syawal and Deepavali was only a few days before... so the mood for festivities was still in the air. I hear it's an annual affair and the reception was held at my hubby's office. You can see the various spread of food on the table - curry, assam pedas, samosas, rendang, meehoon goreng, mee mamak...- and the dessert table was equal in variety. I thought we brought the 'hit' of the day - satay! ... from Kak Rose & Pak Mat's grill, fanned at the back of our house. The lovely couple came all the way from Stockton and everyone was pleased to meet them. I was given the 101 ( basics ) on satay making and now I know those golden delicious succulent meaty bites needs tender loving care in their preparation. And Pak Mat is just the right 'man' to do it. Sabar betul! If it were me, I think I would have burnt the whole lot and created heaps of carcinogens! Although Kak Rose's peanut sauce or kuah kacang is the 'talk of the town' - memang sedap! - their satay doesn't really need the thick peanutty coat to taste better. They're already 'out of this world' delicious just on their own. . Maybe this year's crowd is not too large compared to previous years since it is a long weekend - Veteran's Day is this Monday. Nevertheless, there are a few MPBA members who came from as far as San Francisco and Sacramento, like Semara & Anee. I spotted a few Singaporeans as well - they love our kind of gatherings. Picture on the right is the President of MPBA, Haniza doing her welcoming speech, introducing and thanking her committee for the wonderful work they have done. And the girls at their counter for new member registration....

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