Wednesday, October 31, 2007

San Jose Earth Quake 5.6 Reichter scale

The magnitude - 5.6 tremor, centered about 9 miles northeast of San Jose. We in Cupertino which is like on the west of downtown San Jose, also experienced the intense shaking. It happened yesterday night, Tuesday Oct 30th at maybe 8.04 pm. Masa tu we were all downstairs, except for Atiqah who was doing her homework in her room. Immediately we understood that it was an earthquake since this area is very much prone to it. The house shook and swayed for a few seconds, pause awhile and then shook again for a few seconds more. Rasa macam orang goncang kita kuat2, lepas geram.... quite scary! Itu baru sikit and nothing broken or fallen. We told the girls to run out front to see if any of the neighbors were already outside. The Indian family at the end of the road were out for awhile but went back inside when no more shaking occured. Salbiah called just to find out how we were doing. I told her to pack a 'survival bag' and put somewhere near her front door in case of any future happenings. My younger sister who had stayed a few years in Yokohama - quakes there are also very frequent - advised to put 1-2 liters air minum, protinbar, ubat, plaster, torchlite, lighter, pad, underware, tissue, photocopies of important documents and a few clothings in the survival bag. Well, anything can happen so might as well be ready. Couldn't contact any of my friends here because the circuits were all jammed up for awhile. But once 'line clear' it was good to know a few whom I called - Shafinaz & Aziz, Faridah & her children (hubby dia not back yet from a conference in Langkawi), Haniza & Kevin - were all right.. except for a few things toppling from shelves and body aches stiffed from the shock! News say that this quake caused no serious injuries or damage, only managed to rattle nerves and homes...anyhow, I really hope we wouldn't experience anything worse than this!


Anonymous said...

Yes it was scary, we were at Faizal's yesterday when the 3.7 jolts came about (around 4:00 pm). May Allah protect us all, insyaAllah


zidnee 'ilman said...

Yea...lets all make solat sunat asking Allah to jauh kan bala..InsyaAllah...
Anyway Shafinaz, you missed Jina's nasi lemak this morning..huih, sedaaap!!