Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California Fire

I think the whole world would have known about the California fires by now. Thought of sharing this picture of the raging Cal fire which I had extracted from one of the websites. Kalau kita tengok betul2...on the right hand side of the picture looks like an angry face of a man. Subhanallah...amazing...and menggerunkan!! I have been following the fire status on TV and as of today Thursday 25th Oct the fire has destroyed 1,500 homes and have burned more than 373,000 acres of land. Scary as well as heartbreaking to see people going back to their burnt down charred beyond recognition! Yang mana kaya ada 2, 3 rumah lain tak apa lah. And maybe ada insurance.. As of today 7 people died. 2 didn't want to leave their home and 4 whose bodies were found near the Mexican border, were suspected illegal immigrants. It has been said that the fire is caused by arson. The price money for the capture is quarter of a million dollars. So far they have no leads... I just hope there won't be a reason for them to declare it as a terrorism act! We came to know Aisha Othman & family during the Raya gathering last Saturday. Her lemang memang best! Their house is in San Diego and had to leave at 3am just to be with us in San Jose for the gathering. Drive from San Diego, which is located even south of LA to San Jose takes 8 hours. Alhamdulillah, Aisha and family are safe. They were about to evacuate their home when help arrived to contain the fire in their neighborhood. The other muslim families in her juma'ah are also safe. According to Aisha, homes for some of them are miraculously spared while their neighbors' burnt. It was as though the fire stopped in front of muslim homes. Subhanallah......yang maha melindungi.... InsyaAllah things will get better.


Anonymous said...

yeah..i really do see the angry man's face or profile..subhanallah. Hope semuanya dah ok.

zidnee 'ilman said...

Alhamdulillah everything's ok now. Even the media is not showing news on the fire any more. Apparently one of the fire spots was started by a 12 year old boy playing matches..