Saturday, October 20, 2007

Raya Gathering...

We finally met more Malaysian families at the Raya gathering hosted by Aziz & Shafinaz. The Family Tree Apartments clubhouse's hall has just the right size and facilities to host such an event. The rent is also not that 'steep', making it even minimal when shared. The hall comes with refrigerator, dapur with 4 burners, a sink and a big wide 'bar' for serving. It has even a yard on its side for children to play and roam, giving the opportunity for the ibu2(mothers) and bapa2(fathers) to borak2(chat). There were plenty of food - potluck style! I just loved the 'lemang' brought by Aisha, who came all the way from San Diego. I heard she left home around 3am this morning. Although wrapped in aluminium foil, it tastes almost the real thing. Shafinaz & Ruby also spent the night before cooking! Rendang, kuah kacang...I can't remember who brought what but semua sedap2..delicious! We wanted to have a change so we made karipap, and brought along dodol. Funny actually for I have never made karipap, that is before coming to the US. Always have felt very difficult - cumbersome...renyah!! Especially klim - mengelim. Must thank Kartini Khalid in Boston for giving us her recipe and taking the trouble to show and teach us her secrets. Kalau dah terpaksa, semua nya boleh!
I observe that, anak2 disini semua nya terajar - disciplined. It's good to see them, even the small ones stopping their play to join the elders for solat jemaah. Imagine di imamkan by a 20-year old...alhamdulillah.. The gathering at the clubhouse ended around 6pm, however upon an invitation by Faridah we continued on to her lovely home nearby. Borak punya borak we lost track of time...we went back home late in the night...kekenyangan.

Thank you all, hope to see more of us for the next raya gathering.

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