Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hari Raya at Pak Mat's...

We were told that Pak Mat's place in Stockton is 'kampung' to many Malaysians here during hari raya. Students as well as those who have made California as their permanent residence gathered at Pak Mat's not only for his superb sate and Kak Ros's delicious rendang but also for their warm hospitality and kemesraan. Stockton is almost one and half hour drive north from our place and this would be our first trip out of San Jose. I think this valley is appropriately named... the Silicon Valley...Lembah Silikon with numerous 'big' names of semiconductor companies lining the freeway. But most of the panaromic view on the other hand, is mainly made up of pasir dan tanah yang 'gersang'...barren land with few vegetation. There were also many 'windmill' like structures along the way. I suppose taking advantage of the massive amount of wind energy for electricity. Pak Mat and Kak Ros have gotten many visitors by the time we reached their home that Raya afternoon but they were still dishing out hot steaming sate! Sedap ... macam sate Sairah & James' in Boston. My husband was excited to meet Pak Mat again after their first encounter 11 years ago in San Jose. Likewise, Pak Mat remembers him too!..

Alhamdulillah with good food and warm friendly people...what more can we ask for to celebrate Hari Raya..

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