Saturday, September 29, 2007

Making Sushi without Auntie Yasmin..

My daughters suka sangat makan 'sushi'. They had the opportunity to learn how to make 'makanan Jepun' tu when we were in Boston - Yasmin lah yang suka sangat melayan dia orang with all her fancy recipees: French...?, Italian...?, Mexican...?, Indian? you name it... Sedap2 pulak tuu...Well, they don't have Auntie Yasmin to guide them this time , now that we are here in San Jose. They only have me! The one who prefers to eat rice with curry, sambal and ikan goreng and not wrapped up in seaweed or topped with raw fish!. Rather then buying prepared 'sushi' from the shop which I suggest to 'pass', they decided to do it themselves. To get the stuff to make 'sushi' is very3 easy here.. banyak sungguh Asian grocery shops in San Jose. We bought ours at Hankook Supermarket down El Camino Real, in Sunnyvale - an establishment run by Koreans. Kita kena beli la tikar buluh kecik tu untuk peralatan menggulung. Rice is of the soft kind...Yasmin says beras 'yasmine' will do.. Masak nasi macam biasa, then masa panas2 tu renjis kan 'sushi vinegar'. Kacau sehingga rata. Kemudian letak atas seaweed - yang kami beli namanya Yaki Nori.. Didalam nya kita boleh letak crab strips, cucumber strips, avocado, carrot strips...kemudian gulung ketat2. Bila dah ready, potong dan makan bersama2 kicap sushi, halia or even wasabe.....Yasmin letak some other ingredient along with the vinegar...but we forgot what it was.. Anyhow, my daughters say macam ni pun dah sedaaap...

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