Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ground Zero, World Trade Center

My youngest daughter nak sangat tengok the remains or what's left of the fallen World Trade Center, New York. My son was sceptical in going to the site in fear of any negative incidents that might happen. Especially when his mom & two sisters could be easily identified or labeled a mile away! I told him, we have done nothing wrong & NOT going to do anything wrong. I think 'Mat Salleh' yang duduk bawah kulit kacang tu akan lagi takut pada kita. So why should we be afraid? His sister was making her usual pouting face at him & showing signs of agreement..hhhmm...hhhmm.. He turned & walked faster avoiding any confrontations. Dari Battery Park kami tercari-cari signage ke Ground Zero. Agak ramai juga yang sehaluan dengan kami jadi masaalah untuk mencari tempat tu tak timbul. I got to know that approximately 3000 people including 350 rescue workers died in that intentional accident. New Yorkers resolved to rebuild the WTC and redevelopment is underway to transform Ground Zero into a thriving union of commerce. Five new towers are scheduled for completion by 2011 and 2012.
A view of Ground Zero from the window of the crossover linking Financial Center to the site. We were not allowed to stand very close to the window. There are other places to take pictures of the site but I think it was the highest from this spot.

Going around New York like we did, needs stamina & good shoes sebab there was a lot of walking, needs a good positive attitude sebab bukan kampung kita - kalau sesat, orang tua kata balik ke pangkal jalan, I say get yourself a map! - I hope my children learnt a lot from this trip.

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