Sunday, September 16, 2007

Missing Boston...part1

Hujung bulan September ni kami akan berpindah ke San Jose, California. I don't know how it would be like over there but everyone I talked to, have everything good to say about San Jose. Mild weather...friendly people......of course, they'll be more internationals especially Spanish speaking. And I hear there are many Malaysians too over there. But, I am already begining to like's sad to leave everyone that I know here, like the Sostilios our landlord, who live in the house at the back & who have been very2 nice to us. Fernando, age 70 is like a 'rock' of the family & to his tenants. Every minor 'leak' or 'loose' in the house will be fixed in no time. He would keep us safe from the slippery & icy snow in front & around our houses during winter. Without him piles of snow wouldn't be 'ploughed' and shoveled. In summer the grasses, plants & trees around his property appreciate him too. The grounds of his houses would be adorned with flowers; a few even have names unfamiliar to me. I love the hibiscus grown just outside my front window. Hibiscus really reminds me of home... but, I have never seen the size of them like the ones on the left! I will never forget, his usual " How ARe ya...? " whenever he sees us..., or the Russo trips he used to take us for fresh vegies. He was willing to help out during the time when both my children had to take TOEFL & SAT at two different test centers; and sat with me until my son safely entered the hall. His backbone is of course Anna who I think, doesn't have even an ounce of evil in her; walks 'religiously' every mornings and evenings. She'll take a hooded jacket if it snows, carries an umbrella if it rains and a flashlight if she goes out later in the evening - come rain or shine, but walk she must! Normally she goes walking with Menina, her good friend....I use to follow them when in the 'mood' & we'ld catchup on the days' activities. Our favourite spot is on top of the hill where the Andover Theological School is located. In the middle is a beautiful courtyard lined with oaktrees. The school's oneway private road runs around the courtyard. We'ld walk in the middle of the road circling the courtyard many times breathing in the hill's unpolluted fresh crisp cool air, while exchanging stories. To the north of the courtyard is a Chapel just newly opened, Anna said it's not a church & anybody can practice their religion within...well..., I don't know. To the south is a library that faces the Chapel. Cars would enter from the right of the library and exit on its left. For those walking can enter the area from either sides. To the right of the courtyard are apartments for staff & students; Theological School is a place to study religion. I am not sure whether there are any Muslim students but once during maghrib time, I heard athan coming from one of the rooms. I was sure it was the same as the Islamic Finder - athan installed in our PCs. But then again, I wonder .. On the left of the courtyard are offices and lecture halls. The Principal's house is located on the front leftside just as we enter the area from the left. The road extends to the back of the Chapel where we can view houses at the foot of the hill. A newly completed project of terraced houses uncommon here - but typical to the ones back home, makes me 'homesick' everytime I go to the spot. The cool, serene & calm atmosphere would rejuvenate any 'troubled' souls..Sometimes I would walk with hubby to the spot. Anna reminds us not to talk on any financial matters while we are there. I would miss the spot... But most of all I would miss 10, Beecher PL especially the window in the basement, - you see beside the side door, where I do all my crafts & writing...

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