Saturday, September 1, 2007

Greyhound to New York City

The Greyhound is a breed of dog used for hunting and racing. Greyhounds are among the fastest running of all dogs, with their long legs and lanky frames. They are commonly known for their use on the racetrack, where they can reach speeds up to 45mph (72km/h). On Friday Aug 24th the children and me went up the Greyhound to New York City. It was easy getting a bus ticket here, just go to and click your way through. Mula-mula tu takut jugak kena tipu but I couldn't resist the 'harga'. Counter tickets cost US35 per person one way whereas e-tickets only cost US15 ! It was so good of my dear friend Sairah to send us to South Station, Boston. We had to be there one hour before the scheduled time to join the queue. I felt quite relieved upon seeing several of the other passengers holding the printed copy of the e-ticket. Yang pelik tu, once we get into queue, it becomes first come first to be seated pulak. The journey from Boston to New York normally takes 4hrs 30mins but since the bus driver decided not to make a stop along the way, our Greyhound ride was only 4 hours. Thus, one hour earlier than our scheduled arrival at Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York City located at the corner of 8th Avenue & 42nd Street in Manhattan. The bus station is huge, banyak tingkat! Note the CCTVs in the middle of the two escallators...hmmm. We had to look around for the exit to 42nd Street where Roy promised to wait. I told my children, berjalan kena tunjuk confident like you already know where you want to go. I guess it worked since it kept the ulat2 taxi away from us! Many have mentioned the ease of going around New York City. Manhattan in particular....senang sebab the city is made up of blocks..verticals are the avenues and horizontals are the streets..& transportation is undeniably good. Of course, put on your best walking shoes! You can set up rendezvous places such as " meet me at the corner of 7th Avenue & 42nd" or " the corner of Broadway & 43rd" and so forth. The streets are named East & West from 5th Avenue. Makna nya, looking from the South ataupun from Lower Manhattan, E42 Street will be to the right of 5th Avenue and W42 Street to the left. Strangely enough, we did not experience or meet with any problems when walking along 42nd Street or when in the subways... alhamdulillah. One would expect differently from NYC after 911 incident! Maybe it's that part of town...Well, I don't know. What I noticed most were the people on the streets - friendly and mainly internationals. I guess, making us one of them!

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