Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mile-Away Campground, New Hampshire

After the spin at Lake Canobie, we headed for the Mile- Away Campground - which my children refered to as Miles..away! - in Henniker, New Hampshire; to be greeted by Laila, Lina and their family. Laila booked 4 campsites; one for us to share with 2 more families, Tini's and Isma's. Satu tapak is rather big, boleh masuk 3 atau 4 khemah. Provided with water and electricity; a wooden bench and fireplace. A common, well maintained bathroom - come with sinks, coin operated showers, and toilets - is easily accessible nearby. While Laila & family are 'veterans' in the camping game, me & mine have never camped before.. So, I was shocked to see the 'tons' of food and cooking equipment, as well as fans, TV, several big ice coolers and other camping stuff that were brought along with them. One whole designated tent for just food and whatever's connected to food! Note the image of the closedup tent, our 'cafetaria' for the weekend.
Notice Laila making apam balik..
Melayu mana boleh hidup tanpa nasi, kan? So there was a rice cooker. Sate dengan kita kan dah sinonim. So sate dah siap di cucuk - tinggal bakar jer. Not forgetting chicken wings marinated & ready to be grilled. Dapur kayu...firewood...& even acuan apam balik! Breakfast..of course nasi lemak! This Singaporean lady, but ber- kampung in Johor Bahru really amazes me with the way she cooks; her asam pedas is the BEST!!
The campground is like a small kampung with Recreational Vehicles (RV) or Mobile Homes parked at most of the sites. Some even have permanent addresses there!
One campsite for tents cost $28 per night and it's just a few dollars more for RV sites.
The huge lake that is part of the campground offers quite a few activities such as kayak-ing, boating, fishing and a swimming area.
Camping has become an annual treat for this bank manager's 5 children, her niece, her neighbors' children & her friends..


Rusminah said...

Kak Ainal ! Jealous nye!!! Makan angin sokmo mu ye!! Tapikan I tengok badan masing2 makin sihat tu!!! Lots of Good food in USA proven! If I were to be there..sure I buat ikan bakar cicah air asam!!

zidnee 'ilman said...

alaa..rose ni, buat i terliur jer..
memang terlebih sihat kan? he..he..