Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Berry Picking & ignorant 'mat salleh'

After the scare that Atiqah gave us at the Children's Hospital, we thought of de-stressing ourselves with some 'intensive work' of picking berries. Lagi pun kami tak ada peluang berjalan-jalan semasa hari kerja, jadi hari minggu saja-lah yang boleh kami tengok keindahan alam ciptaan Allah ni. Bagi saya, daripada pergi 'shopping' yang akan menjana lagi ekonomi negara ni, baik la buat aktiviti-aktiviti yang macam gini! Sunnycrest Farm is situated in New Hampshire which is like one and half hour drive from our house. We missed the cherries and strawberries; apples as well peaches are still not due until early September. So we opted for blueberries & raspberries which are after all very high in antioxidant; which the 'mat sallehs' are very well aware of looking at their turnout at the farm. Pick Your Own (PYO) blueberries cost $2.25 per pound, however raspberries cost a bit more - $4.50 per pint. Pokok blueberries mengingatkan saya akan pokok kopi yang mak dengan arwah ayah tanam sekeliling rumah di Selama semasa kecil dulu. Kena berperang dulu dengan nyamuk kalau nak kutip biji kopi yang dah masak tu... Pokok raspberries pula lebih rendah dan merimbun. Upon entering the farm we were greeted with hi-s and friendly smiles from several other fellow pickers which to me was very welcoming indeed! My initial thought, "Ooo..orang New Hampshire ni lebih ramah..."

Notice the apples and grapes ... but they are not ready yet for picking.

Picking and eating is permissible at this kind of farms, but how much can you eat blueberries that taste a bit sour-ish?. The big ones however, taste sweeter. But, I would much prefer them with a squeeze of lime and honey. Lagi sedap! Of course, the children would go for blueberry cake and muffins which Anis is getting the 'hang of it' in making. Masuk jer or ...ask recipes from Sairah Glick and Yasmin Saulnier's oven - they'ld be everwilling to share them!

Food Fight

Overall, it was a good day and experience at Sunnycrest Farm except for the statement made by the lady in the checkered shirt - "They might be terrorists! " - which I regretted overhearing and too shocked to respond.
We left the place with me feeling remorse. I could have at least said.."Get out of your peanut shell, you ignorant mat salleh!!!"


Rusminah said...

Mak salleh tu orang tua tak tahu bahasa kot!!! Kolot !!! Macam kat Msia jugak ade yg mcm tu...tak pernah nak tahu hal semasa masih ditakuk lama fikiran seperti DEPA tu.."dulu, kini & selamanya" Pedulu kan!!!!

zidnee 'ilman said...

kita selalu kata, mcm katak dibawah tempurung..sekarang kita kata mcm 'mat salleh' dibawah kulit kacang..he..he..