Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cape Cod: Hyannis, Falmouth & PeeTown

I have always wondered what's there at the very tip of Massachusetts 'arm' where Provincetown or better known as 'PeeTown' is located. PeeTown is famous for being the 'gay-est' town in Massachusetts. If you know what I mean...
They looked at us; - wondering from which planet we come from, all covered from head to toe! - we looked back at them; - wondering why in the world would 2 grownup men be holding hands, hugging and kissing each other!. Well, that's life.. macam2 ada... cabaran kiri & kanan, atas & bawah. I am glad my children are old enough to understand them. The only response from Atiqah with face and all is...eewwww.. I told her, as long as we don't disturb them, hopefully they won't harm us. I guess I was wrong, when one man purposely shoved me while I was taking a picture of the towering landmark. He definitely didn't want me to be there! I tell you, we don't get that kind of treatment from anywhere else here..especially not a Bostonian.. He must have dropped from some crazy planet and landed, right smack in the middle of the Pilgrim's First Landing Park! To be gay with the rest of the merry men..
Provincetown is historically famous for being the Pilgrims First Landing Ground. Unfortunately, as Prof told us, not all were Pilgrims from the English Land..some of them were crooks that came to raid the natives (Red Indians) out of their land and lives! I guess every place has got its own history.... Visitors to PeeTown can also take a cruise ship from Boston. Bicycles can be brought along on the ship at a minimal fee. It really beats the heavy traffic coming in to Cape Cod! I hear the town will be even gay-er at night time. Too bad we couldn't stay longer; it would be interesting to see the dragqueens lining the streets and pubs.
The stoned walkway leads to 2 lighthouses and also acts as a barrier to stop the waves from eroding the beach. It took the group almost 2 hours walking towards the end and back. But...me and the 'drivers' surrendered! I salute Prof Mohammad Salleh and wife for their strength and endurance..
We put up a night at Hyannis in a hotel which is run by a Chinese family. It really amazes me to find this versatile race surviving even in this part of the 'woods'..kat ceruk ni pun ada...I must say I am glad; because what would I do without Asian produce like Chaokoh(santan)...daun pandan... and the daun kesum!. Hyannis is almost like Langkawi.. a beach town!

Tini & Hassan with 2 'minah salleh' seen wearing kain sarong batik..
A view of the marina..where boats dock at several private homes.
Cape Cod is also known for its historical lighthouses. If I am not mistaken there are 4 famous ones. One of the biggest is the Nobska Lighthouse in Falmouth.
Double click on the image to get a bigger view.
I think this is Nauset...can't remember.
Lighthouses have always managed to be on artists' canvasses..

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