Sunday, August 12, 2007

US Driving License...

My son just got his US driver's license on August 8th. Although we don't own a car - accept yang office punya, - which he is not insured to drive - a driving license is very important here as it also acts as a picture ID for him. Not enough with Social Security #, some places even shopping malls - Macy, JC Penny, Bloomingdales.. ask for a picture ID if we request for their card. To get a driving license here you need to take ujian teori and praktikal macam kat Malaysia jugak. He failed the first time in his Theory ...katanya, soalan mengarut2, tak ada langsung pasal memandu. Contoh: What is the penalty if you get caught DUI - driving under influence ? Banyak la lagi yang dia rasa remeh-temeh me, he's just being overly confident. And too lazy to go through the book! But anyhow, he got through to the practical test and passed - to my relief! As for me, due to my visa type I can't hold any sort of license. My passport is in my handbag all the while for identification. I know we can convert our Malaysian driver's license to an international license - which we have to renew every year!, at the consulate. But the nearest is New York City, which is like 4 hours away kalau tak jam. Oooops...boleh apply on-line ker? Anyway, I don't need to drive, do I? Thank god, I have friends like Sairah & Yasmin here. They know Boston like the back of their hands...and my....... Schumacher pun kalah dengan both of them!
I am not much of a driver, I need well planned (drawn, if possible) directions to anywhere. Those who know me back home will remember that this lady only knows her way from Shah Alam to Jalan Pantai Baru and back! Well, occasionally to Mid Valley MegaMall with an Uncer load of noisy 'mak2 budak'.. (missing u guys...)
So much for being a career lady back then! Brows


Rusminah said...

Kak Ainal, masa ke SJ nanti belilah kereta secondhand..panjanglah sikit langkah tu!! Tak dapat harga secondhand USD400 ke ..macam zaman student kita dulu???

zidnee 'ilman said...

mana la nak dapat $400, Rose..that was 20 years back.....he..he..