Friday, August 17, 2007

Haymarket, Boston

Many have told me about Haymarket that operates every Friday & Saturday in downtown Boston, where one can get various kinds of produce at very - very cheap price. But, I had not the chance to go until last Saturday when Sabri offered to bring me & my son there. One thing about living overseas, away from home, is that we never run out of good friends. Hubby's away for 3 weeks but groceries still got to be done...sigh! Located on and around Blackstone Street, Haymarket is made up of a maze of outdoor stands selling everything from fruits and vegetable to sugarcane to fish. Halal meat & chicken can also be found there. Alaaa...macam pasar malam! As my children had finished almost everything stocked up in the refrigerator, Sabri's offer was very welcoming indeed! Riuh rendah di Haymarket is nothing new to this lady yang dah biasa dengan pasar2 malam kat every Seksyen di Shah Alam tu.
"Buck a box!", "Dollar a pound!", "Buck a box!", "Dollar a pound!" ..each vendor squawking away to attract - itu lah yang dilaungkan oleh peniaga2 yang masing2 cuba menarik perhatian pelanggan - those passing in front of their stalls. I was told that they don't like customers to pick the produce themselves. Yells and cynical remarks would be the normal sounds there at Haymarket. But, surprisingly that morning they did not mind me poking my fingers at the fruits or membelek2 the vegies... must be it was still early and they were not too tired!
Getting there: Haymarket is right around the corner from Quincy Market. On the subway, get off at the Haymarket stop on the Green and Orange lines or the Government Center stop on the Blue and Green lines.


Rusminah said...

I ade pergi Haymarket ni masa pi kursus 2 weeks Voicemail diBoston Tech dulu somewhere in 1995. Masa tu dok kat hotel nearby...memang best pasar ni..I ingat lagi beli sayuran dan shrimp utk buat tomyam kat hotel!! Sedap makan spicy food masa winter tu..Kedai Halal pak Arab pun ade kat situ..Ambik gambak kenangan dgn sayuran yg besar2 dan pelik tu tak ketinggalan!! Your story mengamit kenangan lalu la!!

zidnee 'ilman said...

Tu laa..barang tak mahal mcm kat supermarket.. but too bad we're already going to leave Boston. I am beginning to like it here..