Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Strangely enough, bringing others to shop is as satisfying as you doing the shopping yourself.. :-). The factory outlets in MA as well as up in Maine saw a 'tsunami' of Malaysians and internationals these last few weeks. Not only the outlets were 'raided' - Newman Marcus, Copley Square & Newbury Street saw quite a number of VIPs & BioTechies taking a break from the BIO Convention. Really..., spending US500+ on a handbag is way beyond my purse! I don't think I have the courage to swipe my card for it no matter how cheap my friend say it is. But seeing her buying it, is like me owning it myself..Now where would I have the use for a 500 dollar bag!
My mother would love me more if she found out I have inherited her prudent ways..With more than 170 designer outlets all located in one attractive outdoor center in Wrentham, what more can you ask for in a factory outlet!

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