Monday, May 7, 2007

BIO2007 Boston

Bio International Convention - the Global Event for Biotechnology, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) started on Sunday 6th May and ended on Wednesday 9th May 2007. It was estimated around 20,000 people gathered whether to attend the paid sessions or exhibit their stuffs in the pavillions that were set up by more than I believe, 30 countries including Malaysia. By the way, passes to the sessions cost nearly US2000 and visitors had to pay US150 just to get in. Of course, security was tight amidst the threat of animal rights protesters! Well, it was a gathering of the 'biotechies' and who's who in the technology 'glamorized' industry. During the one week period Boston became a hub for biotechnology - like a magnet attracting hundreds of people to the city. The Governor, Deval Patrick announced a US1.3B budget for the biotech industry - life sciences, in MA.
Wow ! Can u beat that? Newspapers stated that it was not just the main show that mattered - spinoff conferences, meetings & dealings were more likely to boost the biotech industry. And it is hoped Malaysia also profited from this event - sending more than 350 delegates made her the 3rd largest participation just after US (the host) and Canada (the neighbour), definitely some GOOD is more than expected! But how come no mention of Malaysia's participation in the local papers?. I believe I read something on our southern neighbor's initiatives in biotechnology. After all the huge amount of money that was spent! I think a smaaall space in The Boston Globe or MHT doesn't account much compared to what was spent on the pavillion or the accomodations or even the Lobsters during previous night dinner!.
I must say the location of the Malaysian Pavillion was very strategic indeed! Just beside the escallator used for entering into the exhibition hall ..but some sense should have been knocked into the designers' head! A lookalike structure of a Malay house' s roof as the centerpiece was undoubtedly Malaysian, but putting it sideways! No wonder the Malaysian booths inside were 'lengang', not busy at all...they were blocked by the many partitions ever! People just couldn't find MALAYSIA's entrance and walked straight on to MARYLAND! .

I managed to take a shot on top of the escallator before being apprehended by the security guards.. ! :o ..What you're looking at is the side( should be the front ) and the back view of the pavillion. The partitions in front of the man should not be there - making way for a bigger entrance and bigger view of the Malaysian pavillion as visitors descent from the escallator into the exhibition area. Hopefully the organisers learn from this year's BIO for a successful and more fruitful BIO2008 in San Diego!.
Just an honest opinion from an observer....
p/s : MHT stated BIO2007 had more than 500,000 visitors and Boston profited from it....

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