Sunday, January 20, 2008

Visitors from Malaysia

Last 2 weeks Nureena, her baby Afrina and her parents (En Muhammad and Puan Norma) visited us from San Francisco. She's working with P.N.B and now seconded for a few months at a Venture Capital company in San Francisco. Her husband is holding fort at home with their other three children. It's good getting to know ladies like Nureena - very determined, very sharp, not easily intimidated and has good communication skills. Her experience studying in US before helped. I guess P.N.B chose the right person to represent the organisation. Seronok berborak dengan her parents too! They are here to help in looking after her 2 year old. This ex-army veteran banyak cerita... Just a few hours with them terasa macam dah kenal lama. Too bad her working stint is just for a few months or else we could get to know them better. InsyaAllah, umur panjang kita jumpa lagi........

Five ladies extended their stay and flew over to San Jose to pay us a visit after their official trip to the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) held in Las Vegas. My hubby also attended the 5-day show ....... and me, wishing I could have tagged along to Vegas. Instead, jadi driver for my daughters who have started classes. Anyway, the 5 ladies Shakila, Wahida, Wan Nor, Fakhriah and Ada were our guests for only a night. They touched down on Sunday morning from L.A. Sempat gi shopping in Gilroy and the next day visit San Francisco. I hope they had a nice time in SF considering they had only a few hours before having to leave for the airport. Seronok jumpa balik Ada since our last meet in March of last year. She was my ' friend in DC ' mentioned in my posting of that month. Ada and Hashimi's hospitality memang tiada tandingan. Needless to say about her cooking. Simple as it might look, her ayam masak lemak cili padi memang sedap! , As I have mentioned before US domestic flights allows 2 bags per person. Each bag has to weigh less than 50 pounds or else you'ld be charged with excess baggage weight fee. So watch your bags' weight..mahal jugak tuu... :o

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