Saturday, March 3, 2007

Trip down memory lane..

Today is Cikgu Zainal's birthday. He would be 74 this year. I couldn't help thinking of him as we drove down from Boston to New Haven this morning. It was more than 20 years ago when he, my mom & 2 younger sisters came down to pay us a visit in New Haven. Sometimes my parents amaze me - them being just small town 'cikgus'!
They somehow managed to perform few times of Haj & Umrahs as well as visiting a few countries like any other high income earner. My mom always stress on being 'berjimat cermat' & spending money wisely. She doesn't like to waste on anything & often shakes her head seeing my spending ways.

I can still remember the 6 of us comfortably seated in the big old Ford LTD. We don't see those kind around these days! My father in his sarong - 'kain pelikat' seated at the back, with his legs folded criss crossed (bersila). At times he nudged my mom who occasionally dozed off due to jet lag. " Bangun la..rugi mai jauh-jauh!" - Wake up, he's a waste coming from so far! On the way south to Florida we stopped at NYC & DC.
My father treasured the photos we took at the World Trade Center, Lady of Liberty, White House...& my mom loved the tulips! We travelled up north - experiencing Niagara Falls - all the way to Quebec!. I have my husband to thank for driving singlehandedly throughout the trip & I believe he made his father-in-law very happy for a wonderful & satisfying holiday.

See the Halal sign... aaaah..only in New Haven! :)

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