Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friends in DC...

It's good to have friends who make us feel welcome and are very sincere in their ways. Although freezing outside, one house on Talking Rock radiates the warmth of good ole hospitality that only a true Malay practices. I love the pounded 'sambal belacan' which I have not had since arriving in the US. Even the thought of 'masak lemak cili padi' prepared for dinner is still mouth watering to me. I hear the Koreans are 'big' in DC, meaning there are quite a number of them and thereby many Korean supermarkets. Their cili powder is excellent! I need to find one in Boston lest my 'cili kering' runs out!
I have been to DC before but that was the first time I have been to the Malaysian Embassy. It was not a good day as the boiler in the basement was faulty. So, every room had a stand alone heater which overloaded the power supply. Considering the building is still new I wondered what went wrong! But, the kids had a great time visiting the tourist sites. Thank you to our friends in DC...:-)

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