Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy 21st ..in the land of opportunities!

I still remember when I had my 21st birthday..way back 'zillion' years ago! It feels like yesterday, though. :-) Celebrated it with friends in a small classroom where we studied. Felt like freedom was in my hands. I always had the urge to learn & experience things as much as I could...but back then, ( 'zillion' years ago..) there was not much to do & not much to see in an independent land, in its infancy. There were only movies to go to and the occasional 'flings' in discos around the city - grooving to the beat of Saturday Nite Fever & doing the Hustle! ;-) We were quite crazy in our own way but we did not go astray. I think it really boils down to the basics of morality & upbringing. I had a lot of that from Cikgu Bastiah & Cikgu Zainal back then!
My eldest turned 21 yesterday. It feels like only yesterday I was trudging down the snow from St Raphael's Hospital to our apartment, hugging his bundled up body close to me. He was barely 20" and weighing meerly 2.3 pounds! But look at him now, he has even outgrown his father!. But he will still be my bundle of joy :-) I pray & I hope the parenting & education that both of us have given him will make him into a well balanced man and guide him to the right path. Happy birthday, my son.. may you have all the blessings from Allah and be successful in your life..

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