Monday, July 28, 2008

The 'cool' search engine

The internet has grown immensely and some people think that it's time for search engines to do so too. A new search engine sprung from the Silicon Valley named Cuil, pronounced as "cool", began processing requests for the first time last Monday July 28th. . Cuil claims it searches more pages on the Web than anyone else—three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft. The President and co-founder of the Bay Area start-up company, Anna Patterson is an ex-Googler who holds a computer science doctorate and mother of four. She began programming during a difficult pregnancy - how cool is that! Patterson leads the company with her husband, CEO and co-founder Tom Costello, who researched and developed search engines at Stanford University and IBM. They are joined by a third founder, ex-Googler Russell Power, and Vice President of Products Louis Monier, a veteran of Google and eBay who also was the founding technology chief of the AltaVista search engine. Cuil is an old Irish word for knowledge or wisdom. Cuil says it has come up with a search engine that indexes 120 billion Web pages, ranks results by relevance instead of popularity, organizes the results by ideas and protects the privacy of its users. Inspite of all that, I found a lot of my search items using Cuil became confusing after some time and I resort Google-ing them back. Nevertheless, Cuil brought me to a free Malay portal website that have the same name as my blog... hmmm.. without the dot and blogspot you'ld reached there yourself. Although, I must say there's nothing much to see and read. Go on 'google' Cuil and experience it ... :-)


mazni said...

Best la baca blog u, teringin benar nak ke sana tapi apakan daya, tengah pokai ......
mazni - ipoh mari

zidnee 'ilman said...

he..he... orang dah tak der kerja Mazni. Tu la dia... Tengah dok tulis novel nie...tungguuuu!:-)